Classes for Creative Learning Days (CLD, grades K-5) and Friday Enrichment (grades 6-12)

Classes meet weekly on Fridays, except the 4th Friday of each month, and holidays, Christmas break, and Good Friday. Different classes are taught each year giving students a variety from which to choose. There is an additional cost to participate in the classes.

Please note that while we use the term “class” we are-not a school, but rather provide enrichment for the education being directed by the parent. Once you become a member, you will have access to the “Members Only” links where you can download the GHS Information Packet that includes contact information for leadership.

CLD – Creative Learning Days – Grades K-5

Your obligation is to help in some capacity, whether setting up each week, teaching, assisting, providing childcare for younger children, cleaning, etc. We want to accommodate all families, and if you have special concerns or needs, please speak to a member of the Creative Learning Days committee.

Please click here to download a PDF of the CLD class descriptions for 2017-2018

Go to this page for enrollment forms and class schedules

Enrichment Classes – Grades 6-12

All families are require to help in some way. Enrichment Classes are overseen by the Friday Enrichment Committee.

Class description for 2017-2018 coming soon!

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