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Due to the current COVID pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Grace Home Schoolers will be offering classes and activities in a different and exciting format for 2020-2021. Rather than adhere to the traditional class schedule throughout the year, students can choose to participate in a variety of classes and activities taught and led by parents. Upcoming classes will be posted on the Events Calendar found in GHS members links.

GHS Membership is required for all Families

Anyone participating in Friday classes will be require to stay after to clean up.

GHS Registration 2020-2021

FAQ for the 2020-2021 GHS School Year

What is co-op going to look like?

Co-op is for all ages, all grades. We will continue to meet according to the GHS calendar. However, we will meet on a shorten time schedule: 10 am – 1 pm. We will meet inside in the Fellowship Hall and outside as well (there is a lot of yard space). All previous rules regarding dress code, behavior, etc, remain the same. This will not be a drop-off. Moms/Dads are required to remain on campus for the duration.

How do I sign up for Friday Co-op?

You don’t have to sign up–simply show up. As always, you must first be a paid member of Grace Home Schoolers in order to participate in Co-op.

Do I have to come every Friday?

We’d love to see you every Friday! However, if you need to miss a week for whatever reason, it is not necessary to “call-in.” When you arrive on campus, there will be a sign-in book, just for emergency purposes so we can keep track of who is present. There will also be a column to sign up for a clean-up job at the end of the day. If we all take a small job, clean up will only take a couple of minutes.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. Masks need to be worn: a cloth that securely covers the nose and mouth. Face Shields are not included as a form of face covering. Masks may be removed for eating/drinking and outside physical activities with social distancing. (If at any time if you need to step outside and away for a mask break, you can.) If for some reason, you forget your mask, there will be a supply for sale. (They’re really nice!)

Will there be any classes?

Yes and No. There will be no formal classes, however, any mom can offer to head up an activity for a day or even ongoing. We’ve already had moms express interest in doing art classes, English Country Dance, K-5 Math class, and Bible study, to name a few.

I want to lead a class/activity. How do I do that?

Send an email out to the group. In the email, include: Description, target ages, date(s) of activity/class, any supply fees, and how you would like to collect those fees (checks/cash/Venmo, etc). Fill out the attached Statement of Faith and email it back to us.

What can we do outside?

We have plenty of PE equipment, a basketball hoop, and lots of yard space! I personally plan on bringing my tent canopy and some lawn chairs too! Got games from home? Cornhole? Badminton? Great! Bring it!

Are we eating there?

Yes! Pack your lunch- there is tons of space to eat inside or several picnic tables outside. We will continue to have pizza days too!

**Please download and read the Grace Home Schoolers Handbook**