Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Forms for 2018-2019

If you are new to Grace Home Schoolers, click on and read “Getting Started” before filling out the forms.

Please print the forms, fill them out, and bring them to the Start Up Meeting or mail to:

Grace Home Schoolers Inc.
P.O. Box 915593
Longwood, FL 32791-5593

Please Note: if you will be typing the info in the forms, please use a different color font and ink to make it easier to read.

Information on forms and classes are subject to change. 

GHS Membership: required for all Families

All members are required to help during at least one GHS activity: Science or History fair, Fine Arts Night, promotions, etc.

2018-19 GHS Membership Form – This form is required for membership for all families even if you do not intend to enroll your children in Creative Learning Days or Enrichment Classes.

 Creative Learning Days: Grades K-5

CLD members must sign up help in some capacity, whether setting up, cleaning, teaching, assisting, lunch monitor, bathroom monitor, etc.

CLD Registration Form –  Use this form to sign up for classes.

2018-2019 CLD Class Schedule and Descriptions

Friday Enrichment: Grades 6-12

  • FE families are required to help in some capacity whether it is study hall, cleaner, class helper, lunch room monitor, child care, etc.
  • FE families are required to bring a lunch for teachers and helpers once during the school year.
  • Teacher’s Facility Fee is reduced to $25.
  • We try to accommodate as many as we can for class registration. The classes with limited number of students the priority order is Board Members, Teachers, then members according to their length of membership

FE Registration Forms

FE Registration Form 2018-19 – Required for middle and high school students.

FE Class Schedule 2018-2019

FE Course Description 2018-19

Other Important Information

GHS Scholarship Application – Returning members who need financial assistance.

Dress Code / Behavior Standards / Rights and Responsibilities