About Us

Grace Home Schoolers, Inc began in 1988 by Bible-believing evangelical Christians who desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ while teaching their children at home. We are a support group existing to encourage home educating families in the task of teaching their children at home. We offer various activities for students K-12th grade. Some of the regular activities each year include weekly enrichment classes for elementary, middle, and high school students, educational fairs (science, biography/history, geography), Fine Arts Night, field trips, plays, picnics, a published yearbook, and a graduation ceremony.

Our meetings and classes are held at First Baptist Church of Forest City,  721 W Lake Brantley Rd,  Altamonte Springs  (Please do not contact the church about Grace Home Schoolers, we ask that you use the contact form on our site.)

Since we are not an “umbrella school” and do not provide a legal covering for schooling, the majority of our members register to homeschool with their individual counties. A number of families are enrolled in a private school existing primarily for home educating families, or they homeschool under constitutional rights.

The group is administered by an appointed, volunteer board of directors called the Grace Home Schoolers Board. This board is responsible for overseeing all programs within GHS including Friday classes for students in grades K-12.



There is an annual membership fee for Grace Home Schoolers, Inc. covering a traditional school year, September through May. Periodically, there may be additional fees for individual field trips, yearbook. etc...  No legal covering is provided through membership.

Your membership to Grace Home Schoolers covers costs for most activities throughout the year, except field trips, yearbook, and a few other optional activities.

Membership to Grace does not require enrollment in the co-op classes and attendance is not required, so families can participate as they choose. Our activities are organized on a volunteer basis by individual parents who are members of our support group. Grace Home Schoolers, Inc. is not a one-man show. We rely entirely upon the volunteer efforts of our members. Each family is asked to help carry the load by choosing the areas of service most appealing to them from a variety of opportunities.

Joining a new group can at times be confusing — knowing what you will receive, and what you are asked to do for the group. We hope that you will consider joining us! Please remember that all positions are voluntary.