Social Studies Fair

For the 2023-2024 school year, GHS is combining our annual Social Studies Fair and Science Fair.  This combined fair is a great opportunity for your student to delve into topics on history and culture, or science. Students conduct research about what interests them and put together presentations to display a the Fair. Students get to use their own creativity in how they display the information: trifold boards, artifacts, and even food items. Your child will have an opportunity to give an oral presentation to the group students and parents but it is not mandatory.


Social Studies Fair Tips

To include International Geography, History, and Biography

Become a “Country Specialist”!  Choose a country your family would love to learn more about.  Bring a poster/display with the information,items to decorate you table, and a dish to share from the country with copies of the recipe to pass out. Prepare an oral presentation (less than 3 minutes) – this can be reading information, a dramatic reading, poem, story, music or game to share with the group.  

The more countries we have the more exciting our trip around the world will be!  Please remember, there will be young children participating. Please keep your display board and reports “G Rated”. Each child will have their picture taken for their “passport” before their trip begins.

Each country should have a poster/display with answers to the following questions in the passports—

  1.  What color is the flag of the country represented?
  2.  What foods do they eat in the country?
  3.  What kinds of animals are found in the country?
  4.  What is the main mode of transportation found in the country?
  5.  What continent is the country on?
  6.  What is the main language spoken in the country?
  7.  What is the main export of the country?
  8.  Who is the leader of the country?
  9.  Under what kind of government is the country?  Socialist, Democratic, Communitst… 

Don’t forget to make plans now to participate in this exciting educational event!  Prepare a display to share, food, costume and a short presentation. This presentation can be a report (no longer than 3 minutes, a song, poem, game, or even a dance to share with the group. Please remember, there will be young children participating.  Please keep your display board and reports “G Rated”.  If you are not participating, but would like to come and support those who are, that would be greatly appreciated Come, let’s explore this world! 

Each participating family or student should consider:

-Offering a suitable project or craft.

-Teaching a game or dance from their country.

-Preparing a display board.

-Wearing a related costume or outfit (if possible).

-Composing and presenting a report that answers the questions listed below:

Students in grades K-4 should answer questions 1-3.

Students in grades 5-8 should answer questions 1-4.

Students in grades 9-12 should answer questions 1-5.

 Biography Questions:

  1. Who was this person and why was he or she selected for study? 
  2. Describe what life was like during the period in history this person has lived. 
  3. What has this person accomplished during his or her lifetime? 
  4. What difficulties has this person encountered in trying to reach his or her goal? 
  5. What special character qualities does this person have that you admire and why?

History Questions:

  1. When and where did this event occur?
  2. Who were the people or countries involved in this event?
  3. What is the historical importance of this event?
  4. What was taking place during this time in history that caused this event to occur?
  5. What impact has this event had on your life and your country today?