Classes Overview

Weekly Enrichment Classes

Grace Home Schoolers, Inc. provides a variety of classes for students K5-12. Students in grades K-6 have an opportunity to participate in the “Creative Learning Days” program and students in grades 6 or 7-12 can participate in the “Enrichment Program.”

Please note that while we use the term “class” we are not a school, but rather provide enrichment for the education being directed by the parent.

Classes meet weekly on Fridays, except the 4th Friday of each month, and holidays, Christmas break, and Good Friday. Different classes are taught each year giving students a variety from which to choose. There is an additional cost to participate in the classes.

Creative Learning Days (CLD), for grades K-6 is overseen by a group of mothers called the Sisterboard

Classes for 2012-2013 are as follows:

1st period:   K – 6 Girls Geography, K – 6 Boys Geography
2nd period: K – 6 Dance, K – 6 PE
3rd period: K – 2 Five-in-a-Row, 3 – 6 Spanish
4th period: K – 3 Life Skills, 4 – 6 Famous Missionaries (1st Semester),
4 – 6 Anatomy/Dissection (2nd Semester).

Additional fees are required for participation in CLD classes.

Your obligation is to help in some capacity, whether setting up each week, teaching, assisting, providing childcare for younger children, cleaning, etc. We want to accommodate all families, and if you have special concerns or needs, please speak to a member of the Sisterboard.

GHS Enrichment Program (a.k.a. Friday Classes), for grades 7-12 (as well as some 6th graders) is overseen by a group of mothers called the Motherboard.

The classes prepared for the 2012-2013 school year are:

1st Period: Math Counts/SAT Prep/Spanish
2nd Period: Light Bearers/Government & Economics/Understanding the Times/Web Design
3rd Period: Intro to Dance/Photography/Guitar/Middle School English

There are additional costs involved, which vary according to which classes are chosen.

Your obligation varies, depending on how you help during the year, as follows:

  • If you teach a class, or assist with a class, the registration fee is waived,
    and your child(ren) has/have priority in registration.
  • If you volunteer to help with study hall or help clean after class, your
    registration fee is waived, and you have priority (after teachers/assistants)
    in registering.
  • All families (except teachers and helpers) are asked to provide lunch for the
    teachers and helpers who are there every week once or twice during the school
    year (depending on number of families participating).


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